Blu-Ray is the current and best Technology on the planet, the player and Blu-Ray Discs, come with a High-Defination Experince, just like being  in the cinema and feels like you are even closer to the film picture and music, Blu-Ray can be played on standered player, also avalable on Playstation 3, PC, and New laptop,

REMINDER: Check you region code (A) = America (B) Britain and (C) Canada  (O) All Region


Blu-Ray Contains:

* 6 Times Clearer than Normal DVD

* HD Picture 720/1080I/ or 1080P

* dts Sounds/Dolby Plus/Dolby Digital Sounds

* 24p Frame Per Seconds ( like a Cinema Experince)

* Blu-Ray has Extended and Bonus Features

* Up to 5.1 or 7.1 Sounds

* Disc is more space from 25 GB and above in one disc of information



Bluray Disc Wiki

Blu-Ray Store Amazon

About Blu-Ray

Global Blu-Ray News

Blu-Ray OCC UK Charts

Blu-Ray Discs Out/Coming Soon – Play


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