Video Streaming (HD)


Vimeo is a website that has sharing and video Content and playback in Stunning Full HD

Vimeo Website


Youtube HD  (720p HD /1080p Full HD) (Most is now HD Streaming)
Youtube is a popular sharing and video site that has millions of hits and content each day, now watch the video is HD or Full HD Display, to change the quality to HD (is to go to a file on bottom of the video, like a wheel shape button) and change it from 240p – 480p and click on 720p – 1080p HD (if possible)

Youtube Home


Dailymotion (plus now some videos with 720P HD display)

Dailymotion is a site that doesn’t really get menchen in public media but it is a fantastic site for music, videos and watch Full TV Show, like if you love Home and away watch the full Eposides, and Dailymotion has some video with 720P HD display too!



Youtube HQ Trick

want to know a trick to make a video sort of better or much better sounding at the end of each web bar (add &fmt=8 or &fmt=21)


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